Visiting Littlefield

Littlefield's motto is "Dedicated to Progress," and it is easily seen though our determination and attitude. 

Population & Location

Littlefield has not seen the fluctuation in population that many West Texas cities have experienced. Location is a plus for Littlefild with two major intersecting highways, a railroad and municipal airport.

Diverse Businesses

Littlefield has witnessed the success of many new businesses as well as the expansion of some of our older, established businesses. Littlefield supports a diverse mix of business that make the city an ideal destination, including:

People ride on a float during a parade
  • Agriculture related businesses
  • Banking institutions
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Corporations
  • Dining choices
  • Medical facilities
  • Motels
  • A newspaper
  • Retail locations

Local Parks & Events

Littlefield is famiy focused with three local parks, school events, and church activities. Guests are welcomed each year at our fun facilities and events:

  • Baseball / softball fields
  • Bluegrass jamboree
  • Boxing tournaments
  • Disc golf tournaments
  • Livestock shows
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Soccer fields

Places to Stay & Visit

Visitors are welcome to stay free at the RV Park.

When you visit Littlefield, stop at the Duggan House Museum as you drive down Waylon Jennings Boulevard, feel our Wildcat Pride and know we are truly "Dedicated to Progress."