bluegrassThe Littlefield Bluegrass Association was formed in early 2017.

In years gone by, the West Texas Country, Gospel, and Bluegrass Association and later the Emil Macha Bluegrass Association, served the area musical community by hosting regular events. With Emil Macha's death in 2013, these musical events dwindled and were discontinued.

In early 2017, Jim Harris called a special interest meeting for Littlefield people who would like to take part in an effort similar to previous organizations. The Littlefield Bluegrass Association is the result of those meetings.

The aim of the Littlefield Bluegrass Association is to put together musical events on special occasions, with these events being held at the Lamb County Ag Barn.

LBA's first event was a "BBQ and Bluegrass Evening" held on June 10, 2017, with three blue grass bands, playing music and Robert Nichols catering the BBQ meal. Seventeen community sponsors helped to fund the event, and these professorships and ticket sales covered the entire cost fo the concert. A special contribution during this event produced funds that went to the Littlefield Senior Citizens Center. Half of those present at the concert came from towns outside of Littlefield, and the support of area people will continue to be a key part of what LBA is seeking to do. Additional LBA events will be planned in the future, and these concerts will be put together with each focusing around a rotating theme: bluegrass music, country music, and talent-show events where local musicians can take the stage.


Jim Harris, Director
100 East 23rd Street
Littlefield, Texas

(806)  577-4634

Membership is $10 per year