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Littlefield ISD is a strong, student-focused district with a storied history of success in all facets of student performance. Although the primary focus of the leadership of the district is to act as primary facilitators to ensure that the district works hand-in-hand with the community to create a total district vision, develop effective and efficient plans, and acquire and enable qualified staff members who will provide for all student needs at a high quality level, there are also other lofty goals for which leadership and resources must be provided. Our Wildcat students compete with other students from the area, region, and state in a number of extra-curricular activities at a high level of success, all while maintaining academic ratings of satisfactory or higher. These accomplishments come about through hard work, determination, support, and teamwork by all stakeholders – students, staff, school board, parents, and community. The achievement of these achievements created an atmosphere of confidence and unity. Littlefield ISD staff members have worked diligently to gain the trust of all of these groups and individuals by making sound decisions based on what is best for our students, and providing the resources for them to pursue excellence. Through shared commitment and a natural infusion of core values such as commitment, dedication, integrity, and loyalty, our students truly believe that they can reach the pinnacle of attainment in whatever realm in which they compete.

If you visit the campuses, you can see just how hard all of our educators work to meet our students’ needs. Our teachers remind me of our parents... they continuously work to give the best to the students, while striving to get the best from the students! Whether it means arriving early to prepare for the day, skipping lunch so they can make copies or tutor students, or staying until “dark-thirty” to sponsor a club, grade papers, conduct parent conferences, or coach a team, our educators make a huge personal investment to help our students be successful. Littlefield ISD has 203 employees including approximately 110 teachers and another 93 employees including administrators, counselors, instructional paraprofessionals, cafeteria and custodial help and other support staff.

Littlefield ISD’s students are simply the best students around; it is easy to see the overall good attitude portrayed by our student body, along with a natural willingness to learn and help others. But, they are not unlike their counterparts in many other districts in some ways. We have students who are gifted, students who are college bound, students who are athletes, or who play in the band, or cheer, or dance, or participate in Ag and FFA, but we also have students who struggle with school-just like every other public school has. It would surprise some folks to actually know how many of our students have personal situations outside of the school environment that make getting an education substantially more difficult for them.

DSC 0047Of the almost 1,400 students that Littlefield ISD currently serves, approximately 70%, or about 1,000, of our students are considered to be “economically disadvantaged”. We have 26 students who are considered “homeless.” There are 92 students that are limited English proficient, and about 400 of our students are labeled “at-risk” because they meet one or more of the state criteria such as being retained in a grade, not passing all of the state assessments, having failing grades in two or more core subjects, or not being proficient in English. At the beginning of this school year during our professional development training focused on working with children and parents from poverty, the presenter used the term “academically fragile.” She was speaking about the students who have extra challenges and hardships to overcome in order to benefit from their educational opportunities. Working to address those barriers, Littlefield ISD has a number of advantages that other schools do not have to help meet the needs “academically fragile” students. Not only does Littlefield have kind, caring, and compassionate educators, we have specially trained individuals to provide systematic, purposeful, and intentionally personalized help to our Wildcats. Our special programs, related social services, and counseling personnel provide support and assistance to students and families who experience challenges that make functioning successfully in school more difficult. The entire staff of the Littlefield Independent School District believes in educating all students. We have high expectations so that all students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We accept the responsibility to teach all students and provide the opportunity for them to attain their maximum educational potential. LISD has invested heavily in technology and will continue to provide opportunities to use cutting edge hardware and software to prepare our students for their futures in a “cyber-world”.

A primary goal of our school district is to prepare our students to be leaders in today’s world. We are very proud of the many Littlefield graduates who have gone on to great successes in many walks of life, and it is our continuing commitment to our students to make sure each of them is equipped to contribute to our society when they leave our school. If we are to accomplish this task, we must remember that it truly does take an entire village to raise a child. Fortunately, the Littlefield ISD community is filled with people and organizations who deeply care about their school system, who go above and beyond standard expectations to assist the district, and whose careers are dedicated to helping tomorrow’s leaders get a quality education today. Our community demonstrates support in many ways. Whether it be attending sports events, school programs, concerts, and plays, the Wildcat Street Party, or hosting breakfasts and dinners for graduating seniors and providing funding for scholarships, our community along with its many active service organizations engages in an outpouring of active support. Littlefield ISD seeks to establish and maintain meaningful reciprocal relationships with the home and community in the hope that as a result of our joint efforts each student may become more valuable to himself/herself and to society.

The educational endeavor is impossible without adequate financial support or functional facilities. Littlefield ISD is blessed to have a healthy fund balance of over $9 million. The school district has no debt and a tax rate of $1.04 per $100 valuation with a taxable value of approximately $178.5 million –down $28 million. LISD received a perfect score on the most recent Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) report. District facilities are in good condition and are receiving constant renovations and upgrades to ensure that our students and teachers have the best environment for education. Working to make decisions based on what is best for students is the Littlefield ISD School Board, comprised of members: Boyd McCamish, President; Lance Broadhurst, Vice President; Pat Demel, Secretary; Gary Birkelbach, Adrian Solis, Richard Thompson, and Will Williams.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Wildcat!



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