The Lamb Healthcare Center Auxiliary was or organized in  April, 1970, with Mrs. W.M. Davis as president. They volunteered their services first to Medical Arts Hospital and Littlefield Hospital, and then to Littlefield Medical Center when it opened in 1979.

In October of 1979, Littlefield Medical Center was transferred from a private hospital ownership to the people of Lamb County, and the facility was re-named Lamb Healthcare Center. The present auxiliary now volunteers its services to the hospital.

The auxiliary is made up of men and women, who have a sincere desire to serve others and promote the welfare of Lamb Healthcare Center. The Auxiliary operates a gift shop just off Lamb Healthcare Center’s front lobby, located at 1500 South Sunset Avenue, to raise funds to help the hospital with projects and fund scholarships.

LHC Auxiliary are members of the Texas Association of Healthcare Volunteers. They are also associated with Running-water Draw Senior Volunteer Program. Scholarships are available for adults that want to work in the medical field. The Auxiliary joined and participates in the Littlefield Chamber of Commerce. They have also re-established and furnished a chapel in the hospital. They donate prizes and/or participate in the health fair, Relay for Life, and LHC Team Builders. Services provided by the auxiliary are: a gift shop, serve beverages to patients twice a day, deliver mail and flowers; provide tray favors for special occasions; provide reading material for the patients; read and write for the patients; give giant red felt stockings to babies who are born in the month of December, award scholarships and also assists with the beautification of the atrium and grounds.

Auxiliary volunteers donated a total of about 3000 hours to the hospital in 2015. Anyone who wishes to volunteer and become a member of the Lamb Healthcare Center Auxiliary, is invited to contact one of the members.


Work is done in two shifts
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Monday  through Friday

To volunteer, call
(806) 385-6411 ext. 256