Family Resource Center


The Lamb County Family Resource Center provides a variety of services including:

  • Alcohol and drug intervention
  • Moral reconation therapy (MRT)
  • Parent education
  • Self-development

Services for a fee available through private providers include: 

  • Anger management
  • DWI and MIP classes for adults and youth
  • Individual and marital counseling


The staff is trained in areas of benefit to youth and families. 

  • David W. Allison, LPC, LCDC is a program provider and is available by fee for individual, family and marital counseling.
  • Carrie Barden, BS, is the Lamb County Juvenile Probation Chief who oversees all programs and services offered at the Center.
  • Erma Ellis, BSW, is an Anger Management Facilitator.
  • Tony Luccro, BS, is a Probation Officer for Lamb County and a program facilitator of MRT, Moral Reconation Therapy, which has to do with learning to make good decisions.
  • Jere Newton, BSW, is the Parent Educatior and Family Intervention Specialist for Lamb County Juvenile Probation. She is a certified Family Partner for the Rural Children's Initiative of West Texas, a Children's Mental Health Collaborative.
  • David Simpson, PRL (Peer Recovery Leader) is employed by Central Plains Center of Plainview, to provide non-clinical services and supports that help young people ages 13 to 21 initiate and sustain their recovery from substance misuse or substance abuse disorder. The PRL works to assist youth and their families by providing encouragement, offering emotional support, drug/alcohol free socialization and recreation activities and community projects.
  • Dr. Peggy Skinner, PhD, is a counselor who is available for individual and family counseling by fee through insurance, Medicaid, or private pay.

Service Inquiries

All Lamb County residents are invited to contact the center for information about available services. Families do not need to be referred to the Probation department to receive help.